New Year…. New Hope!!

As 2013 passed into 2014 and a new year began, and for many there came a new and fresh set of hopes and dreams. Maybe for some 2013 was a year to forget, at every turn it felt like you were being dragged deeper and deeper into more pain and suffering, there may have been some rays of light every now and then, but in the main all you remember is pain and difficulty.

Maybe for some your 2013 was a great year, new heights of passion and enjoyment where experienced, new adventures found and experiences had… Yes you may have had some darker days, but on the whole 2013 was a great year…

I guess however that for the majority, 2013 was a mixed bag, it was for me. I had the great height and joy if my little boy being born, followed by a low of two hospital visits due to appendicitis and an abscess following my first surgery.

But as I look forward into the unknown of the 2014, unsure of whether thus will be a year of great and overwhelming joy, or one of difficulties, struggles and pain… But what I do wish is that this year, more than any other, my hope will be found in a Christ Jesus, that my dreams will be fulfilled in Christ, that as 2014 progresses my experience and joy of Christ will grow and deepen too.. And what’s more, I pray that for you too.

Happy 2014!


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