Sexuality – Bible Debate

The final video of the four part debate between Andrew Wilson and Steve Chalke is now available to view online. To watch the video click here. Stay tuned for comments from me on the four debates. Advertisements

Did They Mishear in the Old Testament

The second video debate between Steve Chalke and Andrew Wilson is now available for you to view, click here to view it. Also as a follow up to this video is an article that I highly recommend you read by Derek Rishmawy entitled Sabbath Sticks, OT Morality, and the Jesus Tea Strainer

Have we misread the Bible?

What follows is the first of four debates between Steve Chalke and Andrew Wilson around the subject of the Bible and whether or not we have misread or misunderstood it. Head over to Christianity Magazine and have a look at the video, and see articles associated with this debate.

Prophecy – Is The Division Really So Vast?

Justin Taylor on the Gospel Coalition website has written an article title Why (Some) Cessationists and (Some) Continuationists Don’t Disagree and Prophecy as Much as (Some) People Might Think. In the article Justin Taylor summarises an article by Vern Poythress titled Modern Spiritual Gifts as Analogous to Apostolic: Affirming Extraordinary Works of the Spirit Within Cessationist…